The Art of Coffee – A Message to Millennials and All

I live in Salem, which is in close proximity to the famous hipster town of Portland, Oregon. The buzz of the city, the quirky communities, and the love of coffee under the sometimes overcast skies will send you into a thoughtful state. I love venturing there with my friends on a day off and visiting the bustling Goodwill Bins, people watching, and of course: a new, trendy coffee shop. The Northwest is known for its deep appreciation for the magic bean that awakes your senses and the ever-so-famous latte art.

Over this past year, I have struggled with our culture’s obsession of coffee shops and the trending media filling up our news feeds, all the while finding myself in coffee shops multiple times a week. Boggled by the unending fascination with latte art, flannels, and top knots, I realized something today guys: we (Millennials) need to refocus and understand what the true art of coffee really is.

It’s not only Millennials, it’s our culture who tends to lose sight of the most important things in life.

Many of us have become Master Deflectors.

We take photos of our food, coffee, and feet often losing sight of the beautiful people in front of us. We share funny memes and videos after long hours of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, desperately trying to avoid being left alone with our thoughts. Our culture is often intimidated by the idea of looking one another in the eye, being bare-naked transparent, and answering truthfully the habitual question, “How are you?”

We have redefined the art of coffee through perfectly positioned photos of latte art, slowly but surely walking away from the true meaning of coffee.

I know, I act like I am debating the true meaning of Christmas, but hear me out.

I would like to propose the idea of forgetting about latte art (not that I think it’s wrong) and soon-to-be meaningless photos; instead making coffee an invite to change the world around you. Why? Because coffee can change the world.

Okay, I love coffee, but let’s be real, it’s not the coffee that is doing the world-changing: it’s our perception of it.

Asking people out to coffee is hands down one of my all-time favorite hobbies. Why? Because I intend for it to be an invite to pause your world, look into someone’s eyes and hear someone’s story. I intend to be intentional with the $4.85 cup of coffee, for it could soon become a priceless hour or two of sitting down and listening in on someone else’s world.

GUYS! Stop pinning all of the responsibility on coffee to wake you up, and wake up your wandering heart to understanding the value of the question, “Would you like to go out to coffee?” We must pursue the value of community and welcome a diverse network of people into our lives.

Right now, I dare you to ask one person out to coffee per week and try not to take a picture of your coffee, instead lift it up and capture THEM. So in the case you find yourself scrolling through the photos on your phone, you would smile when you see their face and remember that sweet conversation you had with them.

The art of coffee is more than we have made it to be, in its truest form coffee is the open door to letting people speak into your world and you speaking into their’s. It is the opportunity to care more about what we have in common, rather than obsess over our differences. It is the movement towards loving people more than things, and allowing ourselves the chance to tell someone why they are awesome.

It was in a coffee shop that I opened up to my high school youth pastor about my home life, discovering I wasn’t the only one with my situation. It was in a coffee shop that I sat down with a sweet girl for the very first time, and she invited me to live with her family when I had no where else to go. It was in a coffee shop over four years ago where I talked to a boy for five and a half hours and now am blessed to call him my husband.

We can let an invite to coffee change our world. It sure changed mine.

So, who wants to go out to coffee?

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