Do You Want to Be Known for Your Opinions, or for Your Love?

Opinions seem to be the white noise of the world cultivating into many people’s life anthems. Everywhere we look we are bombarded with other’s views on topics from “the red cup scandal” to how the world should respond to ISIS. Our brains have become programmed to constantly be contemplating our opinion on every detail and matter in the world.

We long to be people who make a change, yet we participate in the white noise that fills our work place, schools, and government. We share, like, and comment on social media, consuming ourselves with what the next great debate our controversy is. We justify it by saying that we are “finding our voice,” but is that really what we are doing?

Is broadcasting our beliefs really who we want to be known for?

Many of us would agree with the idea that our greatest strength is often our greatest weakness. Mine is passion. I am passionate about everything I do, which has brought me to the most amazing, life-changing experiences but has also led me to almost ending my own life.

About a month ago, I was listening to an online conference with Bob Goff and he asked the questions, “Do we want to be known for our opinions or for our love?” I think I paused the video and I sat there mind-blown by that question. Think about it. Often the most influential people throughout history have been known for their actions more than their opinions.

Let’s look at the life of Jesus for a second. He is probably the biggest picture of a religious figure throughout the world, yet when we hear His story we call Him the definition of love. He didn’t come to tell everyone overbearingly what His opinion was; He told stories, reached out to the outcasts of society, and became controversial for the way He LOVED.

Do the stories we choose to tell speak love into people or are they damaging and demeaning? We can choose where we distribute value. We can speak value over people’s lives or we can speak value over our opinions.

That question has transformed my life this past month as I go about daily tasks, hang out with people, and write my book. What do I want to be known for? What do you want to be known for? I used to be someone who often was pretty opinionated, and maybe I didn’t always voice it, but it was where my heart was at. I now am determined to be known more for my love than my opinions.

Are we really going to change the world by sounding like it? Or are we going to be people who stun the world because we love outrageously? We were meant for so much more then just like or shares, we were made to love.

I want my book, my life, and my stories to project LOVE. Why? Jesus is the definition of this word that so many long to understand.


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