A dreamer panning for gold

The man in this picture is panning for gold. On a beach where passers by told me it was impossible to find gold. I was enjoying the sunset, and kind of wishing the sweet old man “good luck” in my head. People laughed to themselves about what this man was doing as they left the beach. This man got me thinking though. Maybe we are all like him. Maybe we are chasing dreams that seem impossible to everyone else (sometimes to ourselves even) and we keep coming back to the shore waiting for just the right wave, in just the right spot, and at just the right time to deliver us the moment we have been waiting for all this time. If you think this man is crazy, then I am too. On restless nights like this, I find myself wandering around in my mind asking God all the questions that keep me wondering if I’m on the right beach.
I will cheer this man on, because I believe that he will find his piece of gold. Maybe it isn’t what he was expecting, but whatever it is, I trust it will be worth his time. Keep holding on, your wave is coming. God knows what He is doing.

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