Why Valentine’s Day isn’t Romantic to Me Anymore

Hey, remember when you would buy 60 valentine’s in elementary school? I remember making sure I had one for each and every one of the people in my class, sports team, and Sunday school class. I would tape a lollipop to each one, and be anxious over the idea of missing anyone. I didn’t want anyone to feel left out.

I don’t really know when that all stopped.

Maybe it was when it got “weird,” boys got cute, or people started getting to the age where they didn’t like everyone.

I never had a romantic “valentine” until I met my husband, and no one ever really asked me outside of him and I dating. I remember getting kind of jealous of the girls in class who got flowers delivered to them, and waiting all eight periods to see if I would be the “lucky girl” this Valentine’s Day. Once the last bell rang, you could see disappointment fall on many faces as we all made our way back out to the hallways and off to our worlds outside of those high school walls.

Boxes of chocolates. Mysterious love notes. Roses.

Walmart, commercials, and every billboard seemed to shout “HAPPY NO ONE WANTS YOU DAY.”

There is no question why Valentine’s day often brings about higher rates of depression, suicide attempts, and negative feelings. I know what depression is like. I struggled with it for FOUR years, before I finally found freedom from it. Depression feels like a giant rock bound to your ankles, weighing down your heart and mind more than anything. It is full of lies being written on the walls of your mind. Depression is like being stuck in a white room and being tied to a chair, while you seem to lose your mind.

At least that was how it felt to me.

I hate the idea of people feeling unloved, unwanted, or under appreciated.

Valentine’s Day is not a romantic holiday to me anymore. It is not a day where I let myself mope around. It is not a day of sadness to me anymore.

And I don’t want it to be that for you either.

Valentine’s Day is a day I will choose to declare my love for people. It is a day that I will choose to shower the world with unconditional, spontaneous love! My husband and I are deciding that Valentine’s Day will be a day where we invite everyone to be our Valentine. We want everyone to know how loved and special they are, and that they are not defined by how much “romantic love” is in their life.

We want to challenge YOU to join us. This Valentine’s Day, we are challenging everyone to go out and buy some flowers and cards and deliver them to your neighbors, strangers, and co-workers. Write letters of encouragement and love to the world, pairing it with a flower. It may seem small, but it could be the thing that changes or even SAVES someone’s life.

Let’s declare, “I LOVE YOU!” to the world this Valentine’s Day and redefine this day together, hand-in-hand. Let’s pretend we are big kindergarteners ready to invite everyone to “BE MINE.”

Will you be my Valentine?12670292_554965587996500_7151022186329135354_n

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