Lessons You Learn as a Dreamer

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello dreamer, from another dreamer. I actually believe we are all dreamers, just some of us are fueled by our constant dreaming. I am one of those. Over the years, I have learned that there are some ups and downs all people experience when pursuing a dream (or the 200 that you have).

1.You normally don’t have just ONE dream.

If this is you, you’re not alone. I have a new dream consuming my mind every day. It can be so hard to focus on the dreams God is is asking me to set eyes on, because I get tempted to grasp on to more “attainable dreams.” Something I have learned about the “1 Million Dream” mindset is this: I can’t do them all. They each hold value, but I am not called to spread myself as thin as the amount of butter I should be putting on my toast. Sometimes I write out a list of all of the dreams on my heart and then pray over it and ask God what He wants me to focus on. He is so gentle and loving whenever He redirects my heart to the dreams that He has given me. It sometimes can be discouraging, but learning how to give 100% to the dreams I was called to accomplish continues to prove rewarding.

2. You will fail more than you succeed.

This has to be the hardest lesson that I have had to learn over and over and over again. I remember hearing my teaching talk about this in leadership class in high school, and I thought, No way! I have God in my side and He never fails. I was right in the fact that God never fails, but we little humans do. We are not perfect, and we don’t have the power to have all knowledge in something we are pursuing. We will always be learning. I have failed way more than I have succeeded and I am so thankful for all of those failures when I look back. Some failures end in tears, yelling, or on a couch eating a tub of ice cream. Those same failures lead us to the moments where we succeed in ways that knock our socks off. God uses those successes to humble me and show me how He has walked this whole journey with me.

3. Slow and steady wins the race.  

I think we millennials have the hardest time digesting this truth. We want things now. In a world where everything is at our fingertips, we have programmed our brains to think that when we want something, we will get it ASAP. World changers don’t change the world over night. It takes YEARS. Yes, YEARS to often achieve the dreams that come from the depths of our hearts. This lesson is just now sinking into my little brain. I want to publish a book. I want to speak at life changing conferences and seminars. I want to adopt 20 children. I want everyone to know that they are loved. I want to have a missions base where we send out world changers every month. And guess what I need to realize? This all isn’t going to happen this year. Don’t worry, I have already cried about this reality. I am going to start work at Starbucks soon and only God knows how long I will work there. I need to understand that Starbucks isn’t a bump in the road, it is an exciting step towards the future. And this step deserves 100% of my attention, focus, and hard work. If I want everyone to know that they are loved, that starts now. That starts with Starbucks customers, co-workers, and my neighbors.

4. You are not crazy to chase your dreams.

I mean maybe you are crazy in other ways, but you are not crazy to chase your dreams. Those dreams are full of purpose, life, and are worthy of chasing. Your dreams will change the world. They will change your world. They will change the world around you, but most importantly, your world. Chasing your dreams encourages us to pursue God, learn how to love our family and friends, and encourages us to give 100% at all times. I am learning that it is crazy not to chase my dreams. I don’t like the me that sits back and accepts the “reality” that I need to just settle for where I am at. I am called to be thankful and content for where I am at, but most importantly, I am called to have a heart and eyes fixated on God’s will for me. So are you, my friend.

There are so many more lessons that I have learned and will learn as a dreamer, but here are 4 for now. May they serve as an encouragement to you. Wherever you are at in life, lift your chin up and know that you are going through this stage of life for a reason. There is purpose in every chapter. The heroes of the world didn’t know they were heroes when they felt trapped in the harsh realities of life. You are a world changer, whether you see it or not right now. Write out your dreams. Post them somewhere that will remind you to chase them. Maybe they will change over time, but give yourself grace. You were made to love and be loved.

I love you. God loves you. And I hope you love you.


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