Watching Brussels from Our Living Rooms

Airports are often filled with a blend of excitement, tearful goodbyes, impatience, and people trying to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything. This Tuesday morning, in Brussels, Belgium an airport was filled with big explosions followed by screams, terror, and people experiencing the brutality of war for the first time.


Many of us saw news flood our tvs, social media, and news stands with the images and information about this life-shattering terrorist attack. In one moment, our raised voices towards our spouses or children were silenced, the memes we just scrolled past seemed insignificant, and the drama we thought we had seemed to dissipate as we watched people with children run for their lives.  The reality is, we don’t really understand the gravity of what Belgium and families of the injured and dead are going through right now. We are just standing and sitting as our “world problems” don’t seem to be as big right now. All we can do right now is carry on with our jobs, share articles on Facebook, and try to keep updated if we can handle it.


Often when big things like this occur in the world, we may spend about a week or more slightly paranoid as we go about our daily life tasks. Many will continue to share posts, feed their paranoia, and get in their heads about what might happen when they go to the grocery store. While those things may seem unavoidable, I would like to encourage you to get on your knees tonight. Maybe you are not the praying type, but tonight, before you go to sleep I invite you to pray with me for the people of Belgium and for the world. May we go to bed tonight feeling unified with our friends and family and our nation.

Many of us have been consumed with politics and elections lately, and I ask you to set those opinions aside for a little while. We can’t let who we are voting for or not voting for be the focus at the moment. We need to focus on loving the people around us well, educating ourselves on how we can support those being effected by attacks, and becoming prayer warriors for the innocent people of the world.


Let us not get depressed about what news we are hearing, but may it be what drives us to get on our knees, love more, and be unified as people who are ready to stand together in peace.

Pray for Belgium. Pray for our world. Give love generously.

Learn more about the attacks by going to

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