Welcome!! I am so glad you are here! A little bit about me: I am 21 years old, married, and on a journey of what it means to love outrageously, give freely, and live a life reflecting Christ. I am a dreamer.  Aspiring to be a speaker and author, I am ready to take risks, be fearless, and work through my failures and successes. I believe in being transparent, honest, and that love does (inspired by Bob Goff), and that life is filled with fascinating, beautiful people that deserved to be loved outrageously and experience grace in the fullest form: Christ.

I write with transparency, hoping people can find comfort in relating with me and people who post on my blog. I believe everyone is connected through feelings. We don’t have to compare ourselves to others and conclude our story to be more or less significant than someone else’s. We are all have felt emotions on many levels, experienced hurt, felt joy, and all of have story to tell. May we be storytellers!

Feel free to walk life with me and be my friend, because I would love to be yours.

Cover photo: Alyssa Rice Photography

About photo: Kellie Garcia Photography

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  1. Hello I live an hour south of Mayo clinic, and I am 2 years post transplant, I am 39 years old and a mother of 3. I am not sure if you are still in the area, I am a pastor just over the border at Chester and lime springs United Methodist Churches! We have members who work at mayo, I was dually listed there as well! We were thinking we could help with this, but we were also thinking that we could help the family by doing other things, ei real meal laundry I would love to sit, so the parents could nap or take a shower I know this process all to well, I am aware of the immunity issues as I have them myself! If you email me we could get more information and I could give you more information. This Sunday is organ and Tissue Donor Sunday so I would like to share at church, there are many willing, I know we could give some financially I’m not sure as to how much! The great thing is both of my parents are ministers as well and our churches know all to well the process. God Is jumping my heart now, please contact me back!

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